I'm New

Zion Welcomes You!
To Our Guest:
Zion Baptist Church is helping people deal with today's needs. We're a group of friendly, happy people who have discovered the joy of the Christian lifestyle. We're striving to be the greatest loving church in the world. We're working together to build a better community. We look forward to seeing and hearing from you.
For Our New Members:
You just joined Zion Baptist Church and you are wondering what to do next?   
    We welcome you to join our New Members class that is Sundays 9 a.m. in the sanctuary and to attend Orientation Class that is every 1st Sunday of the month. These classes are taught by Pastor Samuel Duren. He will share the vision of the church and how God can use you to help achieve this vision and how you can reach your vision for your life.
    We also encourage you to join a ministry and become a part of your local community. To build a better community it will takes individuals like you working with others in the community.
    We pray you will join us and allow God to guide you in finding your purpose in life and helping Zion to "Build a Better Community".