On The Spot

Reflections “Spot Light” Sermons

Text: 2 kings 5:1-16
You might not be a leper but you might have spots on you that you can't get rid of.  But do not let that stop you. Whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability do not let any handicap stop you from doing your best.  People can speak highly of you but you can let them know one more thing, " I have some spots, but I am an overcomer by the grace of God”.
However Leprosy is incurable by man just like sin is incurable by man. Only God can heal a sinner and deliver them. So when you are in the hand of God you are in God's spot, the right spot. No matter how far you slide or your issue as long as you are saved by his grace you are in God's spot, the right spot.  Because in that spot you can still be reached, healed and delivered, that is the right spot.  When you are in the right spot you can follow the right directions and go to the right house to the right master. This is the place you want to be, the right spot.
Now that you made it to the right spot you may be put “on the spot”. You may need to humble yourself and face issues in your life you have been denying for some time. It was not until the 7th time he was changed, for there are no shortcuts to God blessing you. You have to follow instructions. Naaman was not only cleared of his leprosy but also was delivered of his pride. Things God hates proverbs 6:16-19.  God removes from us what is not like him.  That is on the spot cleaning.


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