New Sermon Series

Having Heaven's View

By Samuel Duren |  May 12, 2008

Jesus came to show us the kingdom and lead us to the kingdom. The kingdom of God is to show love and to reflect the king. The church, the body of Christ is to  to  be distinguished in the community doing BIG things while taking the time to remember Jesus and taking his awesome love where ever they go and bringing Jesus home. Heavens view is should be our view and we need to follow Christ to gain this view.
We invite you to come to Zion as we discover the Messiah through the gospel of Mark we will take a look at the challenges within the church and the challenges of being a devoted follower of Christ. The Sermon Series: Heaven's View Dealing with Issues in the Church  
Date            Text                Sermon Title: 
 5/11/08    Mark 4:21-25    The Distinguished Church not Extinguished Church
 5/18/08    Mark 4:26-34    Small but doing Big Things

 5/25/08    Mark 4:35-41    Remember Who Jesus is

6/1/08   Mark 5:1-20    Take Jesus Home